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3 months ago

The cafe has a spacious space with beautiful decoration. And there is a wide range of food options. But I cannot feel any customer services. The presentation of the cake is beautiful but it is tasteless. I ordered a pork sausage as well but I cannot taste any pork flavor from it. The coffee is average.

4 months ago

Was greatly surprised by the assortment of food but was incredibly disappointed in the Smashed Avocado meal. Not worth $15. Cashier was rude to my friend when ordering and my Mum's coffee was last to arrive at the table. And when my Mum went to ask where her coffee was, the Barista was not friendly at all and treated my Mother dismissively. When the Barista eventually arrived at our table with the coffee, she didn't even apologise. It was my first time at Kreem and first impressions are key for me and unfortunately with the way my Mum was treated, I will not be going back nor recommending to my friends.

4 months ago

Where has this place been all my life?! Huge fan of the desserts. Cupcakes are stacked. The best caramel slice I've ever had. This place is very clean and spacious.

Kreem Cafe, Henderson
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189-193 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland
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Kreem Cafe, Henderson