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10 months ago

Very good! They were closed for some time but have reopened! The lamb ragu was the only dish that disappointed. The noodles were overcooked hot and soggy. A bit too hot, almost like microwave... so bit disappointing. The steak however was matched with really nice beef jus, the burger was bloody amazing and delicious, fries were crunchy and yummy, the pork belly was crunchy and delicious. Had a great enjoyable experience. Just the lamb ragu was a bit silly. Otherwise would be 5 stars! Service: 5/5 Environment: 4.5/5 Food Quality: 4/5 Food Quantity: 4/5 Presentation: 5/5 Price per person: $30-$40

10 months ago

A lovely bar/restaurant with an unique decor and an excellent ambience. There is a indoor dining and a courtyard dining area. The outdoor dining patio is beautifully decorated. They serve big portions of American dishes. The dishes were nicely presented however the taste could be better for what you pay. The eye fillet was a little over cooked, the hand cut kumara was good though. The lamb ragu was nicely flavored, but the pappardelle was a little meshy. The farmer’s shed sharing platter was great. Very massive with a great variety for small tapas. The bread was warm and tasted nice and buttery. The fried chicken was nice and crispy. The fried onion rings were super tasty. The cured meat, meatballs were nicely flavored as well. Friendly staff and good hospitality. Taste: 7.5/10 Presentation: 7/10 Service: 9/10 Ambience: 9.5/10 Value for money: /10 Price $45 per person (excl alcohol)

11 months ago
The Garden Shed, Mount Eden
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470 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
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The Garden Shed, Mount Eden