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2 years ago

Mhm, one of the better yum cha in Auckland. Portions are quite good, and food tends to be quite fresh. Today was a little disappointing with some of the buns being cold when they got to us, but overall the execution of the classic dim sum is good. Nothing blows me away, but it’s consistently above average. Some favourites rated below! Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice: 8/10 Siumai: 8/10 Spare ribs: 8/10 Cheung fun: 6/10 Chicken feet: 7/10 Salted egg custard bun: 7/10

Grand Park 马车会 海鲜酒楼, Epsom
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Gate B, Alexandra Park Raceway, Corner of Green Lane West and Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1051
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Grand Park 马车会 海鲜酒楼, Epsom