ATEED attracts, hosts and invests in major events to bring vibrancy to Auckland and lasting benefits to the region and its people.

We support the sustainable growth of Auckland’s visitor economy so that the region is better off economically, socially and environmentally.

Major events are one of the core pillars of the visitor economy. They attract visitors from beyond our borders, help us tell the story of our region and our people, strengthen our identity as an exciting place to live and work, and add to the quality of life of people who live, work and study here.

ATEED’s major events work and investments are guided by the Destination AKL 2025 strategy, the ATEED Destination Plan and Auckland’s Major Events Strategy 2018-2025.

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ATEED’s major events portfolio

ATEED invests in an annual portfolio of major events, on behalf of Auckland Council, to generate benefits for Auckland and the people who live and visit here. The portfolio includes a mix of arts, cultural and sporting events happening across the year.

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Auckland as a host city - ATEED as an event partner

Partner with ATEED’s Major Events Team to host a world-class event in Auckland. 

As a host city, Auckland is a star performer. With a string of accolades, breath-taking landscapes, first-rate venues, experienced experts, and an action-packed line-up including the 36th America’s Cup in 2021, we will put your event on the world stage.

From large-scale fan activations that transform the city, to the smallest details, our team will help you knock it out of the park. Our team acts by: 

  • Strategic influencing: Facilitating connections at Auckland, national and international levels and ensuring approaches are aligned, co-ordinated and delivering what Auckland requires.
  • Investing: Investing on behalf of Auckland Council to create additional benefits for the region and its people. 
  • Event production: Taking a lead role in producing events which are owned by and important to the region. 
  • Facilitation: Supporting event partners and city agencies to make it easier to put on major events in Auckland, to realise maximum additional benefits to the region while keeping it flowing and functioning.
  • Activation, leverage and marketing: Identifying ways to create greater value around an event to enhance the experience of attendees, provide opportunities for business, trade and foreign investment, and/or ensuring the events most effectively contribute to and communicate the Auckland identity to desired targeted audiences.



Major Events programmes and investment

Auckland’s Major Events Strategy 2018-2025 sets out what Auckland needs from its events sector to deliver the Destination AKL 2025 strategy and what ATEED’s role is in ensuring this happens.

ATEED supports a portfolio of events that aligns with the new direction for Auckland’s visitor economy and provides additional impact that would not have otherwise happened.

This involves leading, coordinating, partnering with and promoting events. Our work is organised in a suite of well-defined programmes designed to deliver different levels and areas of impact.

The Major, National and Winter programmes are all open for applications for support. Eligibility criteria and application information are included in the guidelines below. All ATEED’s investments in events are subject to feasibility assessments, availability of funds and agreed activity-related contracts.

Major Events
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