Auckland Council is inviting public feedback on the proposed new Public Trading, Events and Filming Bylaw 2022.

Every day across Auckland, a wide variety of trading activities, events and filming occur in public places controlled by Auckland Council.

These activities increase the vibrancy and appeal of places such as streets, footpaths, local parks and civic spaces across our region, and deliver social and economic benefits to our people.

However, they may also increase the risk of preventable collisions, accidents, injuries, obstructions, nuisance or misuse of council-controlled public places.

Auckland Council recently checked how the rules about trading activities, events and filming are working and identified improvements. It is proposing a new bylaw that:

  • Continues to regulate trading, events and filming in a similar way to the current bylaw
  • Clarifies the need for rental micro-mobility devices to be approved under their own licence instead of a mobile shop licence as they currently are
  • Clarifies which activities require approval or don’t require approval as long as certain conditions are met, and those which are not addressed in the bylaw
  • Updates the title, structure, format, definitions, and wording to ensure that a new bylaw is easier to read, understand and comply with

The new bylaw will replace the current, Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw 2015, which expires next year.

It will remain administered by several council departments and council-controlled organisations, including Screen Auckland (permits filming) and Auckland Unlimited (permits major events).

Have your say

We encourage you to have your say on the proposal by completing the online feedback form or emailing or posting a feedback form to Auckland Council. Details available here.

Submissions close on Friday, 16 July 2021.