Consistency is key - how Cordis Auckland is leading the way for sustainable accommodation

One of Auckland’s leading hotels, Cordis has been beating the green accommodation drum for over fifteen years, showcasing best-in-class sustainable hospitality from their well-known spot at the top of Auckland’s CBD.

2022 marks an exciting milestone for Cordis Auckland, who is the proud recipient of the EarthCheck Masters Status – an accolade honouring its 15th year of EarthCheck certification and one that only fifteen hotels across the world have received.

Part of the global Langham Hospitality Group, Cordis Auckland is leading the way in encouraging others in the industry to follow suit.

“While this is just one of many sustainability initiatives we do as part of the larger Langham Hospitality Group, our EarthCheck certification was one we were proud to have paved the way with,” says Franz Mascarenhas, Managing Director of Cordis Auckland.

“The 15-year accreditation is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve in this space, as we look to consistently try new things and implement new practices to be greener in our day-to-day operations.”

All of Cordis Auckland’s work is tied into its sustainability strategy, CONNECT, in which they are on track to send zero waste to landfill, commit to sustainable sourcing, and cut carbon and water intensity in half by 2030.

From 2017 to 2021, Cordis’ annual total waste has decreased from 237 to 146 tonnes, the amount they are recycling and repurposing has increased from 198 to 249 tonnes, and their water usage has decreased by almost 30,000 kilolitres. 

Cordis is a significant business event destination in Auckland, with 640, 5-star hotel rooms paired with 18 onsite conference venues. Consisting of 2,341sqm of conference space and break out room options, Cordis Auckland is an easy choice for an event organiser wanting to keep their delegates in one space.

As hospitality experts, the Cordis team knows that business events can be difficult to organise sustainably. Alongside their ongoing efforts to make their daily operations as green as possible, Cordis have launched their Green Meetings by Cordis programme, a pick and mix of sustainable solutions to assist organisers in integrating positive environmental impact into their event.

The programme offers environmentally-friendly event resources like LED walls, electronic signage and access to digital newspapers, sustainably-sourced food and drink options, wellness activities, and a carbon offsetting option in collaboration with South Pole.

“We know that no event is the same, so we strive to offer flexibility and options for organisers to create a mix that works for them and their guests,” says Franz.

“Our event coordinators work with organisers to design a bespoke programme, using the sustainable options best suited for their activities.”

Green Meetings by Cordis is designed to make the job of business event and conference organisers as easy as possible, taking away the stress of making sustainable decisions.

Familiar with the often-wasteful aspects of hospitality, Cordis is doing their bit to tackle waste in every part of the guest experience.

New bathroom product pumps limit the need for excess packaging, and in 2018 and 2019, 597kgs of soap was sanitised, repurposed and redistributed in collaboration with Beyond Skin Deep.

The hotel also hosts a beehive on the second-floor roof – contributing to the city’s biodiversity, while also supplying fresh honey to hotel guests.

Building on its legacy and strengthening its sustainability credentials, Cordis Auckland recently opened its newest development – the 244 room Pinnacle Tower in 2021. The environment played a huge part in the build from day one including using high performance glazing and centralised air conditioning to maximise energy efficiency, energy-efficient lighting and controls, and native landscaping that nurtures the centre’s biodiversity while minimising the need for excessive watering. The Pinnacle Tower is a sleek and seamless centre that celebrates environmental sustainability.

Cordis Auckland is a member of the Auckland Convention Bureau and work closely with us to provide sustainable hospitality and accommodation solutions for business event organisers and their attendees, making any event extra special.

Cordis Auckland is 1 of 15 hotels worldwide to receive EarthCheck Masters status

Highest recycling rate among all Langham Hospitality Group Pacific hotels

597kgs of soap recycled and repurposed away from landfill

Water usage decreased from 70,844 kilolitres to 42,365 kilolitres between 2017 and 2021

Over 400 hours of staff volunteer time every year

Learn more aboutCordis Auckland;or talk to our teamto see how Auckland Convention Bureau can help you make your next event a success.