1. Host City Appointment Agreement (HCAA)between MBIE and Auckland Council (the Hosts), Team New Zealand Limited (ETNZ) and America’s Cup Event Limited (ACE)

2. HCAA Amendment Letter dated 26 June 2018

3.Early Payment Letter accompanying HCAA dated 3 December 2018

4. Host Venue Agreement (HVA) between the Hosts, ETNZ and ACE dated 4 April 2019

5. Super Yacht Programme Agreement - between Panuku Development Auckland (Panuku), ETNZ and ACE dated 5 April 2019

6. Master Base Supply Agreement between Auckland Council, Panuku and ACE dated 4 April 2019

7. Viaduct Event Centre Sublease between Regional Facilities Auckland Limited and ETNZ

8. Licence to Occupy Halsey Street Extension Wharf between Panuku and ETNZ

9. Resource Consent Support Agreement between Panuku and ACE

10. Host Venue Agreement (HVA) Summary