Introducing Study Auckland student ambassador Annabel Yu (Anny) from China.

Annabel Yu (Anny) - Study Auckland student ambassador
Anny is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Korean and a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Classical Piano Performance at the University of Auckland.

Kia ora Anny, what do you love about Auckland city?

The diversity of the people living here creates such an interesting melting pot of culture (i.e. the variety of food).

What kind of new relationships did you make as a student in Auckland?

Lifelong friendships where everyone’s background is different. Having those friends helped me to learn and understand my friends’ different views and ideas. I also enjoy the relationships I have with my lecturers at the university. When you get to know them, there is mutual respect and care for each other.

What has been your favourite experience in Auckland?

Going up mountains and watching the sunsets. Experiencing the change of colour in the sky, and when the buildings light up it’s a really tranquil and magical sight.

Fun fact about yourself?

Ice cream is my favourite dessert.