Introducing Study Auckland student ambassador Cecilya Angreiny Lolowang from Indonesia.

Cecilya Angreiny Lolowang - Study Auckland student ambassador
Cecilya is studying a Graduate Diploma in Project Management  at Aspire2 International, Concordia Business School.

Kia ora Cecilya, what do you love about Auckland city?

I love Auckland for its scenery. I can travel to many places in Auckland to enjoy its beautiful nature, which always relieves my stress. People in Auckland are polite, and the city has so many diverse cultures that it feels like home.

What kind of new relationships did you make as a student in Auckland?

I made friends from all sorts of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and areas of study. I’m the only Indonesian in my class, it was great to share my culture and values while learning about others. The people I’ve met have all been open minded and non-judgemental and have supported me to be the best person I can be.

What has been your favourite experience in Auckland?

I worked part-time while studying and it made me a stronger and more independent. I learnt time management and teamwork skills, which I will use for the rest of my life. It was such a fun learning experience, which I will never forget!

Fun fact about yourself?

I can Muay Thai kickbox!