The information below provides details of the travel expenses for the staff and directors of ATEED for the past three financial years.

ATEED Leadership Team travel

ATEED’s chief executive and general managers are periodically required to travel for their roles. Detailed information on the costs and strategic purpose of journeys undertaken by ATEED’s leadership team are outlined in the document below.

Flights and accommodation are – wherever possible – booked through Auckland Council’s travel agents to take advantage of preferential customer rates. The staff members incur expenses (both overseas and domestically) such as taxis and meals. The costs below are those recorded in ATEED’s financial system and are part of ATEED’s overall audited financial statements.

View details about the ATEED Leadership Team’s travel here*.

*Please note, ATEED Leadership Team travel costs included here are also included in the ATEED organisation-wide totals listed below.

Staff travel costs





ATEED is responsible for delivering against five key priority areas:

• boost and promote Auckland’s international competitiveness 
• enhance the productivity of Auckland businesses
• foster Auckland’s innovation ecosystem
• build Auckland’s brand value
• foster economic wellbeing and shared prosperity for all Aucklanders.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting New Zealand from late February 2020, a priority for ATEED was to work with industry to continue to expand the more than $8.4 billion annual visitor economy including attracting major sporting and business events; attracting international business and investment including the screen sector; and attracting international students to Auckland. This work was significantly affected in the final quarter of the 2019/20 financial year.

To achieve its publically stated targets, prior to the impact of COVID-19 ATEED staff were required to travel offshore to do business in our key markets. This travel includes being part of multi-agency trade delegations, and attending key global conferences or trade shows to grow connections and secure deals for Auckland’s key growth industry sectors which include international education, food and beverage, ICT and digital media, screen production, and high-value tourism. They are also required to travel to present bids for major sporting events.

ATEED staff also travel domestically, mainly for national industry conferences, and for crucial national policy meetings held in Wellington with government agency partners to ensure Auckland’s economic growth policies align with the Government’s economic agenda. In the 2019/20 year, this included staff undertaking essential travel to Wellington related to the planning for New Zealand's hosting of APEC2021.


Directors’ travel costs

All directors’ travel costs are approved by the ATEED Chair or acting chair.

ATEED director Mike Taitoko and former director Glenys Coughlan were based outside of Auckland. That was the case when they were appointed by an independent Council panel due to their high level of relevant expertise in governance, specialist sectors, and their unique skill sets. Both flew to Auckland to attend crucial ATEED governance meetings and represent ATEED at important business events.

From time to time, directors accompany staff on international business trips - where there is a clear business case for board representation. ATEED Chair Mark Franklin went overseas three times in the 2019/10 year - twice accompanying Chief Executive Nick Hill for crucial business meetings: the first, to Japan to attend the Japanese NZ Business Council, and tourism and investment attraction-related activities; the second, to Australia to understand Brisbane’s post-G20 legacy and take part in meetings with senior officials about how Auckland could benefit long-term from the mega event year of 2021. He also accompanied staff to Australia to undertake observations and due diligence related to a potential major sporting event bid for Auckland.