From VFX to CGI, our experienced experts have it covered.

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Post production

Our post production facilities house some of New Zealand’s most talented specialists, experienced in producing exceptional work under tight deadlines. From the editing suite to digital intermediate and sound, our professionals have the creativity to match their leading-edge technologies.
Some of our specialists include Department of Post and Images & Sound

Visual effects (VFX), Production Design & Art Direction

Discover talent of international standard among Auckland’s visual effects, production design & art direction professionals. It’s likely you’ve been wowed by our industry’s expertise in screen productions such as Spartacus, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and 30 Days of Night.
Some of our specialists include Cause+FX and Blockhead VFX & Production Design, Art Direction specialists including Nick Basset and Nick Connor

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Auckland’s dynamic and world-class animation scene can cater to all your requirements, from scripting to full finished production. We have dozens of companies offering a range of animation styles and techniques – CGI to cel, stop-frame to claymation. Our animators have worked on projects for international clients including Disney, Nickelodeon and Hallmark. Well-known series such as The Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda show our industry’s level of skill and commitment.


Tap into our renowned innovation and creativity in gaming and gaming apps across multiple platforms. Aucklanders have created internationally renowned games such as Path of Exile, Smallworlds, CUBE, Bloons Tower Defence 5, Big Little Bang, My Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony and Wonder Zoo. The popular game-making tools Blitz Basic and Blitz 3D were also created by Auckland’s Blitz Research.
Find out more about our gaming expertise. 

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Main Reactor

Main Reactor is an internationally renowned company providing key design and manufacture services for props, makeup effects, rigs, models, VFX crossover and creatures. We offer a suite of solutions that can be tailored to any production. We enjoy being at the creative collaborative table, finding design solutions and putting a premium product on the screen for our clients.

M Theory AR/VR

M Theory is an augmented and virtual reality studio where a combination of smart thinking, creative expertise, and innovative technology come together to create beautifully immersive and engaging experiences using AR, VR, and 360 video.

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