If you’ve got your production details ready, apply here, or find out more about filming permits in Auckland.

Apply for your film permit 

You can apply here for a permit to film in Auckland public places; before starting your online application, please ensure you have the required information: 

  • planned location(s)
  • planned filming dates
  • shoot information, including equipment you’ll use
  • production details
  • supporting information, such as traffic management or consultation plans.

A film permit is required for areas such as footpaths, roads, parks, beaches and other public amenities.

Not all shoots need a permit

You probably won’t need a permit if your shoot has a small crew (fewer than nine people), will only use hand-held equipment and won’t interfere with public access. However, we recommend you contact us if you intend to film on roads or other public places.

How long do permits take to get?

The time it takes to approve your permit depends on the scale of your production.

For a small shoot, we need at least three working days to process a permit. If your shoot is larger and involves road closures or changes to usual public parking, allow at least 10 working days for us to notify the public and issue your permit.

Processing of parking permits takes at least two weeks.

Information for students

Planning a shoot for a school or university assignment? If your equipment is hand-held only, the crew is small (fewer than nine) and you won’t impede public access, you probably won’t need a film permit. However, if you plan to film on roads or other public places, it’s best if you contact us beforehand.

How do I get a fee waiver? 

We assess permit fees on a case-by-case basis. If your project is not-for-profit, charity or community based, then talk to us for advice.

Filming in public spaces

To film in public places, such as parks, roads, footpaths, berms and other council-owned public spaces, you’ll need a permit from Screen Auckland. You may also need special consent from other parties to film in sacred spaces such as churches, memorials, cemeteries and Māori marae.

Public liability insurance is also required for filming in public spaces. 

Filming on private property

Even if you’re filming on private property or residences, your shoot may require parking permits from Auckland Transport. You’ll need to apply online at least two weeks before any planned filming.

Filming fees

The size and impact of your production will determine how much your filming fees will be.

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